Review: What Is App & How To Use

Growing from a small Dutch startup to one of the world’s leading online travel agents, is no stranger to travelers when making plans for their trip. The online travel platform connects hotels and their potential guests in every part of the world. So Is a legit & reliable site? Does price match? This blog will be my review and beside that I will clarify What is app and How to use review what is app how to use Review: What is app and How to use


1. What is app? Why use

Before review, let’s me tell you some information about this online travel agent:

  • What is
  • Why use 


1.1. What is app? 

Founded in 1996 in Amsterdam, is an online travel agent (OTA) that mediates between hotels, guesthouses, vacation rentals and travelers who wish to find accommodation for their upcoming trips. 

Hotels and hosts offer their accommodations through the website and mobile apps, while travelers use the search function to set what they are looking for and book directly.

Keep in mind that nobody gives anything for free. When a booking is completed, will receive commission from hotels, guesthouses, vacation rentals. And is one of the OTA that take the highest amount of commission among OTAs. review what is app how to use is an online travel agent which mediates between hotels, guesthouses, vacation rentals and travelers

1.2. Why use

There is no doubt that is one of the most popular online travel agents in the world and everyone is using it everyday. Here are some reasons why you should use 

The online booking platform is available in 43 languages and offers a total of more than 28 million accommodation listings which is bigger than any other online travel agents in the world. 

Booking Holdings, the holding company of has been successful so far whose total revenues for the full year 2022 were $17.1 billion, an increase of 56% from the prior years (even better than that before Covid-19 pandemic). also has a loyalty program, called Genius, which adds some add-on values to travelers. 

For example:

As a Genius Member Level 2, I got a little discount for room rate and also a free breakfast which cost €3 for normal guests during my stay in Rome.


what is app



2. You-need-to-know things before using

 2.1. Is a legit & reliable site? 

Is booking a legit & reliable site? Yes it is very very reliable (I have to double the “very”). There is nothing to worry about when making a reservation on Because never had a big company dare to cheat their customers. If they do so, their business would be badly affected. 

However it doesn’t mean that there are no problems when using Some common issues to be encountered, including:

  • The property does not receive the booking confirmation
  • False information from the property
  • The property cancels your booking without advance notice 
  • The property is overbooked and they change you to another property
  • The Credit card is charged two times

If these things happen, you should contact to report or to ask for compensation (make sure to provide relevant evidence) review how to use


2.2. Are all properties on legit?

As I mentioned in the previous part, booking through carries a higher risk of issues than booking directly as it acts as a middleman between the traveler and the host. So the question is “Are all properties on legit?”. 

If a property wants to be listed on, it has to be registered and verified by the staff. If the property doesn’t meet requirements, it will not be listed on Therefore, there is nothing to be worried about. 

However, before making a reservation on any property on, be sure to check its score and the review. I always booked the property whose score was above 7.5 on For those who score below 7.5, I will read the review also to clarify. 


Are all properties on legit
Are all properties on legit?


2.3. Does price match?

Does price match? My answer is YES and NO. I know that you will be confused when seeing this, however it has a reason behind

YES. If an accommodation makes a large amount of  revenue on, the host will definitely want to make some promotion to attract more customers. So it is no stranger that holds the best price among other online travel agents. 

NO. If an accommodation is unable to make any or less profit on, there is no reason for them to offer a good price on this platform.

As a result, it is always recommended to check the price on other online travel agents before making the reservation on 


Does price match?
Always check the price on other online travel agents before making the reservation on


3. How to use

Now I will show you how to use to book an accommodation for your holiday.


STEP 1: Choose your place 

First choose your next destination and preferred date. If you already have the name of the accommodation in your mind, just “google” and the result will appear. 


what is app review


STEP 2: Find your accommodation

I always find the accommodation in Map mode as it helps me to know the location of the accommodation. Once the map appears, you can use the filter function to narrow the result. 


what is app and how to use


STEP 3: Choose your option

After finding an ideal accommodation, you will see the accommodation’s option with prices. Make sure to sign in if you are a Genius Member to unlock special prices or privileges. 


how to use app


STEP 4: Book your accommodation

Make sure to double check all information, especially the terms & conditions before finalizing your booking confirmation. 

For example: Check the cancellation policies if you just want to book a room to secure the best price. Sometimes my friend books a room to apply for a visa, instead of choosing the free cancellation option, they book the non-refundable. 

Once the booking is made, a confirmation will be sent to your email or phone number. A useful tip is using the app to better manage all your bookings. 


how to use booking,com app


STEP 5: Stay at your chosen accommodation

It’s time and you can stay at your chosen accommodation. However, not all the bookings “go in the right direction”.

During my trip to Cairo, the host of my accommodation called us upon arrival and notified us that the accommodation was fully booked. And they changed us to the nearby accommodation which was far worse. 

If these things happen, please capture the relevant evidence and report to review what is app how to use


STEP 6: Leave your review 

After your stay, will send an email reminding you to leave a review. Leaving a review is up to you. However, I strongly recommended leaving a review as it will be a reference for other guests. review
Don’t forget to leave your reviews after every stay


4. An ultimate review

4.1. Review


– The largest online travel agent (OTA) in the world with a huge number of hotels, resorts, guest houses and apartments listed. 

– Smart and user-friendly design 

– Genius Loyalty Program gives some add-on for travelers during their stay


– Not always price match

– Customer Services only operate during office hours. 

– There might be some unexpected issues when making a reservation: the property does not receive the booking confirmation, the property cancels your booking without advance notice, and the credit card is charged two times…

MY RATE: 7/10



4.2. Is Genius worth it? 

Genius is’s loyalty program which gives some add-on for travelers. Once you complete the first reservation on, you will become Genius Level 1. 

There are 3 levels for Genius members. you can find the benefit for each level below:

  • Genius Level 1: 10% discount on room rate
  • Genius Level 2: 10% discount on room rate, Free Breakfast, Free Upgrade
  • Genius Level 3: 10% discount on room rate, Free Breakfast, Free Upgrade, Support 24/7

In my opinion, Genius is worth every penny. As it costs you nothing, but gives you “a little but a lot of add-on benefits to make your trip more comfortable. 


is genius worth it?


4.3. vs Agoda vs Traveloka

So the question is which is the best OTAs or Agoda or Traveloka. Let’s make some comparisons to clarify.

First and foremost, and Agoda target different markets which results in their business strategy. Since Agoda prioritizes the display of  price, you will see a cheaper price on this OTA. But wait a minute and take a second look. Does the price include tax or not? There are many times when Agoda makes me and my friends confused.   

Being classified as a unicorn company and the largest online travel app in Southeast Asia, Traveloka must have remarkable unique selling points compared to other OTAs. They are flexible payment methods and an abundance of promotions. However, Traveloka is only active in six countries which means that not many people know about this platform. 

So in my opinions, outweighs Agoda and Traveloka. 



5. Summary: review – What is and How to use

5.1. Tips to use 

– Search for accommodation through the app as some hotels have a “mobile-only price” that is cheaper compared to that on the website.

– Always check the price on other online travel agents and hotel websites before making the reservation as is not always price match.  

– Once the confirmation is made, contact your accommodation to double check whether they receive the booking or not. 

– Use the app to better manage all your bookings. 


5.2. Summary is one of the most essential apps which I use to plan every single trip. It makes my trip easier, safer, and more convenient without a doubt. 

This is my review for If you need any further information, kindly see other posts in my blog: 



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