Klook Review: What is Klook app? An ultimate review for Klook

Klook is a travel activities and services booking platform where you can discover and book amazing things to do in a destination at a reasonable price. Founded in Hong Kong in 2014, Klook has become one of the most essential travel apps which every traveler needs. So “What is Klook app” and “Is Klook legit. This blog will clarify What is Klook app, How to use Klook and a short review about this app.


What is Klook review? Is Klook legit?
Klook Review: What is Klook app and How to use Klook


1. What is Klook app?

Before sharing my opinions about Klook app, let’s take a look at some basic information about the company: 


1.1. What is Klook app

Klook is an all-in-one-travel app which provides travel requirements, such as attraction tickets, day tours and local attractions for over 120 destinations around the world. Its name comes from the words “keep looking” which represent their aims to do: to keep looking for the best travel deals for you. 

In general, Klook is the intermediary which connects suppliers to customers. The travel platform will receive a commission when a booking for service is settled. On the other hand, any service that wishes to be published on Klook will be reviewed by their team.


what is klook
What is Klook app?


1.2. What services does Klook offer?

Klook offers almost every services that you need for your holiday, including:

  • Airport transfer
  • SIM card or WiFi Dongle
  • City or sightseeing pass
  • Walking tour
  • Tour or day trip
  • Rail pass
  • Theme park tickets
  • Car rental
  • Off the beaten track, experiential tour

Keep in mind that, Klook does not run the attractions or tours themselves but works with local providers in each destination.


1.3. Why use Klook? 

There are some advantages of using Klook as follows: 

  • Instant Confirmation: You will get an instant confirmation as soon as the booking is made (but keep in mind that not all services come with instant confirmation)
  • No queues: Yes, you don’t have to queue to buy a ticket. Just buy it in advance and then a mobile e-ticket is delivered to your phone. So you won’t have to worry about printing or losing physical tickets!
  • Better management: You don’t need to collect separated tickets and put them into a folder. Just use the Klook app on your smartphone. 



2. How to use Klook?

With a better understanding of Klook, now I will show you a step-by-step guide on how to use Klook for your upcoming trip: 


STEP 1: Search for your preferred activities 

You can search for preferred activities on the search toolbar or search on Google with the phrase “activities + Klook”

E.g.: If I want to find tickets to Bana Hills, I just google Bana Hills Klook. And then click on the appeared result. 


Klook services


STEP 2: Choose your services

Once you have found the activities you’re looking for, you can choose the number of tickets you want and add them to your cart.

Make sure to read all the reviews of previous customers before processing to payment.


Klook services


STEP 3: Payment

Once your cart is ready, you will need to fill in the information and then to the payment step (Remember to add the discount code if you have one). And if you haven’t already logged in, you’ll be asked to do so.

You can settle the payment in Debit/Credit Card, Paypal and Momo Wallet (for Vietnamese). 


STEP 4: Confirmation

A confirmation will be automatically sent to your email. If your service is not listed as instant confirmation, you will receive a confirmation letter later. 


STEP 5: Using the Services

Using your chosen services. If something happens during your trip, kindly contact Klook.  


STEP 6: Review and receive reward points

Remember to leave a review to receive Klook Credit (Klook reward system where you receive credits every time you book the services and also when you leave a review). This Klook credit can be redeemed into discount codes for your next trip.


rewards credit
Klook credit



3. How do I contact Klook

You can contact Klook by the following ways:

  • Email: support@klook.com
  • Hotline: Find the number in booking confirmation
  • Online chat: the 24-hour online chat

Klook does not have a contact phone number prior to making a booking, the easiest options to contact them are either by email to support@klook.com or their online chat function. 


How do I contact Klook


4. An ultimate review Klook 

4.1. Is Klook legit?

So the question for first-time users will be “Is Klook legit”. And my answer is definitely YES, with the following reasons:

Klook is a travel agent online platform for booking travel-related activities and services (tour, attraction ticket, transport, sim…) offering more than 60,000 activities in more than 250 popular locations. And they receive over one million bookings per month. 

And the company has been very successful so far and has successfully raised significant capital investments to help to build and expand the company worldwide. Currently, they have a total of 28 representative offices around the world which are available in 14 languages and allow the use of 41 kinds of currency. 

Moreover, Klook extends and strengthens its partnership with reliable suppliers . So nothing to worry when you see the price on Klook is cheaper than on any other platforms. 

For example, Klook signed a cooperation agreement with Sun Group (one of the leading travel companies in Vietnam) on strengthening communications and tourism promotion to attract more tourists to Danang. So the price shown on Klook is cheaper than the normal price. 


4.2. Klook Reviews

To make a clear review about Klook, I will list out pros and cons of the app.

a. Pros:

– The price sometimes cheaper compared to other platforms or buying at point of sales

– Convenient and easy to use (no need to queue) 

– Available in 23 languages (including Vietnamese)

b. Cons: 

– Limited activities, tours and services in Europe or America. 

– Limited payment (only Visa, Paypal) compared to Traveloka (For Traveloka, 

– Limited selection of hotels and resorts (Klook just focus on travel-related activities including tour, tickets, sim card and transfer)

MY RATE: 7,5 / 10


review klook


4.3. KkDay vs Klook vs Getyourguide 

Klook is only good if you are traveling in APAC, but not in Europe as there are limited services operating. For those who wish to travel to Europe, Getyourguide and Viator may be a better choice. For example, I can’t find any services in Tromso on Klook, however it is another story on Viator or Getyourguide. You can find a wide variety of activities including Aurora Tour, Lapland Husky Sled, Silent Whale Watching…

When it comes to payment, Traveloka far outweighs any other platforms (and of course Klook). Since Traveloka accepts payment through credit card, debit card (Visa and MasterCard), PayPal, ATM card or even at the assigned convenient store. 



5. Summary: What is Klook app? Klook reviews

5.1. Klook Tips

– Join Klook mailing list to get updates for offers and promotions.

– Use the apps on smartphone to better manage your trip (you can put all the e-ticket in the app and show them to the )


5.2. Klook discount code

Kindly find some Klook discount codes below: 

klook discount code


5.3. Summary 

I hope this Klook review will offer you a better understanding about one of the online travel booking platforms. 

If you need any further information, kindly see other posts in my blog:



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