How to style tweed jackets: An Unisex Edition

Tweed jackets boast enduring allure which has been a favourite item on every closet. Being influenced by the men’s tweed fishing and hunting jackets, the legendary designer Coco Chanel turned these specialized items into a new definition of tres chic. Whenever celebs appeared in public with a tweed jacket, they would definitely steal the spotlight. So what’s to wear with a tweed jacket? This blog will show you How to style tweed jackets in an unisex way. 


1. How to style a tweed jackets 

Before showing how to style tweed jackets here are some tips on how to find outfit ideas and how to mix tweed jackets with other items in your wardrobe.  


1.1. Why you need a tweed jacket

– Wearing tweed jackets is the best way to look effortlessly chic and stylish. 

– Tweed jackets can come with many colors and shapes which never go out of style. And of course it can be worn in any occasion from casual to formal. 

– Tweed jacket does not get out of shape for a long time owing to higher roughness of fabric.


1.2. How to find tweed outfit ideas

Whenever a new tweed jacket “comes” to my closet, I will question myself “Why did I buy this new tweed jacket? I already have one but in another color”. 

It will drive me crazy for a couple of days because I don’t want to apply the same mix and match formula for this item. So there are some ways I find outfit ideas:

  • Google: When you google “tweed jackets” or anything relating keywords, there will be some results for men’s tweed jackets. Moreover, most of the results lead to shopping pages, not so many ideas here. Just save some photos and move to other channels. 
  • Instagram: Search hashtag #tweedjacket and you will find thousands of results which sometimes drive you overload and don’t know what to follow. Before running out of patience, make sure to save some favorite looks. 
  • Pinterest: Pins some ideas. 
  • Celebs/KOL/Influencer: Of course, celebs/KOLs/Influencers will be a good source of ideas. Make sure to follow anyone whose style is similar to yours. I followed Korean boy groups and girl groups as their stylists have their own way to recreate clothes. 


how to style tweed jackets


1.3. How to style tweed jackets 

– Don’t put too much under a tweed jacket if you don’t want to look fluffy. Turtle neck or oversize sweater are things I would stay away from when it comes to tweed jackets.

Try other colors than black and white as it will be a statement piece that makes your whole outfit pop. However, don’t put on too many colors as it may ruin your statement look. 


2. How to style tweed jackets

2.1. How to style a blue tweed jacket blue

“There are things in fashion that never go out of style: jeans, a white shirt and a Chanel jacket.” said Karl Lagerfeld. Jeans and white shirts are must-have items in anyone’s closet, so how about a Chanel jacket. 

Not anyone can afford to buy a Chanel jacket. If so, they would invest in a Chanel bag instead. But don’t worry as fast fashion brands like Zara or H&M can be a more budget-friendly option (you can get a tweed jacket for only €45 when the sales starts). 

As blue is one the best colors to wear if you want to look younger, don’t pair it with items that add a little more age to you. So I got a pair of baggy jeans, a chain belt, a beret to complete my “Chanelish look”.


how to style tweed jackets

Jacket: Zara – €60

Shirt: DAS – €25 (a Vietnamese local brand) 

Chain Belt: Asos –  €12.99

Beret: Bought from Shoppe – €2.5

Bag: Zara – €9.99

Boots: Zara – €39.99


2.2. How to style a green tweed jacket 

“It’s not easy being green” said Kermit the frog and so does a green tweed jacket. It can be tricky to mix and match a special shade like green as choosing the wrong color will lead you to “somewhere in the middle of the jungle”. I just wanna to “play it safe”, so black and white are my pick to pair with a green tweed jacket.

However, my Zara tweed jacket gets a dark green shade so it will look boring for an Instagram post. So I add a little bling bling chain belt to glitter up the dark green shade. 


tweed jacket green

Jacket: Zara – €45

Shirt: Zara – €19.99

Chain Belt: Asos –  €12.99

Beret: Bought from Shoppe – €2.5


2.3. How to style a grey tweed jacket 

When it comes to tweed, grey is such an intriguing and sophisticated color to be chic. However, that monochrome shade is often seen as a mature choice which may not be suitable for casual use. As a result, try to 

Since grey is a neutral color, there will not be any issues pairing it with other shades in your wardrobe. But for me, neutral colors go best with other neutral colors. So black, white and beige will definitely be my pick to wear with a grey tweed jacket. And I will stay away from vivid colors like red, pink or yellow as they will ruin the sophisticated look which comes from grey.  

As I joined an afternoon tea with my friend, I wished to create a classy and lavish look. I almost tear my wardrobe apart to find perfect accessories. And a Zara neck bow is added at a very last minute but pops the whole outfit.


tweed jackets grey

Jacket: DAS – €40 (a Vietnamese local brand) 

Shirt: Zara – €15.99 

Neck Bow: Zara –  €9.99


3. Summary: How to style tweed jackets 

3.1. How I create my personal style

– I’m only 162cm tall (5ft4) and 48kg (110 lbs) and it is not that easy for me to get the right size. But it will not prevent me from slaying every look. 

– Ignore and forget about trends. My wallet and my body won’t allow me to follow any newest trends taken straight from the runway. Just wear anything that makes me confident. 

– Don’t buy new stuff, try to make use of every item in your wardrobe. 

– Expensive stuff doesn’t make you look fabulous or chic. The most important thing is your self confidence. 


3.2. Summary: How to style tweed jackets 

Here are my recommendations on how to style tweed jackets and how I find most of my outfit inspiration. If you have any questions, kindly leave me a message on Facebook or Instagram.

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