What to wear in China? A guide to style up your China trip

China is a huge country with varied climates due to changes in latitude. During my trip to China in November, I visited Shanghai and Beijing which are significantly different in terms of weather. Going from 22°C to 7°C in just one day was literally a fascinating, yet concerned experience. So I have to say that it will be difficult to decide What to wear in China in November.

Before traveling to China, I found inspiration on how to look stylish yet still comfortable. Then some videos on Tik Tok which showcasing Chinese youngsters’ street style, came across. Their styles had inspired me to create and complete my look in China’s trip. In this blog, I will show you about What to wear in China and How to style your China’s trip. 



1. What to pack for your China’s trip

Before recommending “What to wear in China blog”, here are some packing tips for your China’s trip:

  • Don’t need to bring too many coats, try to mix and match
  • Prepare a good pair of shoes since you need to walk a lot
  • Heattech inner wear from UNIQLO is a best way to keep warm without 
  • Don’t forget your face mask as it will keep you safe from the Covid-19 pandemic



2. What to wear in China in November? How to style up your China’s trip

2.1. Look 1 – Layer-able Coats

We are all familiar with layers. It’s you put something on and then put another thing on to create your look.  

A beige coat is a perfect piece to layer with which means you can mix it with everything. However, it will be boring to style your coat with jeans, t-shirt or shirt. So add some pop of color into your look. And don’t go too far when adding a pop. 



2.2. Look 2 – Leather Jackets 

Leather jacket is such a must-have item in anyone’s closet. Whether worn with basic items (jeans or t-shirts) or statement pieces, you will look effortlessly stylish. 

So the main problem is what to wear under a leather jacket. There are a huge number of ways to style this must-have item. 


2.3. Look 3 – A red suit

A red suit is one of the ultimately boldest statement which 

However, it will not be easy when you’re working with a stand out shade like red. And there is a common cliche that wearing a suit automatically makes you look formal. So accessories will be the best way to nail the red suit and polish your look. 

I pair my red suit with a big chain and ring detail waist belt and a mesh t-shirt to add a little K-pop inspiration for my outfit. 

2.4. Look 4 – Duffle Coat

The best way to keep warm and stylish in the cold of Beijing is a duffle coat. This wool duffle coat with detachable faux fur hood will pair with any outfit from a skinny jeans and shirt, to turtle sweater and ripped jeans. 

Don’t put too much under a duffle coat, just enough to keep warm, if you don’t want to look like Paddington Bear (just kidding).


2.5. Look 5 – Hanfu 

Hanfu is a term used for the ancient style of clothing worn by the Han people in China. Thanks to the popularization of Tiktok, wearing Hanfu has become a trend not only in China but also in Vietnam. It is common to see youngsters wearing Hanfu not only on the streets of old towns like Suzhou, but even modern cities like Beijing. 

Before traveling to China, I asked my Chinese friend where to rent Hanfu in Suzhou and Shanghai. And he recommended me to buy a new one on Taobao, instead of renting. Hanfu is available on Taobao in every size, every shape and every color. You can get one set of hanfu from about ¥100


what to wear in china hanfu


3. Summary: What to wear in China 

Make sure your shoulders and knees are covered when visiting temples and other holy sites. 

Try to pack all your belongings in one briefcase, say no to the second luggages (even a small one) as you have to move 

Don’t forget to bring your passport with you as you can be checked every time by the police (the electric version is acceptable –  I saved a photocopy of the first page of my passport and Chinese visa on my phone). 

This is my recommendations for What to wear in China and How to style your China’s trip. If you need more information about traveling in China, please find other posts below: 



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